Lead You to the Cross

I stumbled across this music video by No Other Name, “Lead You To The Cross.” It’s been out for while – can’t believe I had not seen it until now. The song is a tribute of sorts to Dr. Martha Myers. She was a Christian doctor who selflessly served people in Yemen. She specifically brought competent medical attention to Muslim woman. Many women in that region were prohibited from seeing a male doctor due to religious reasons. A militant Islamist martyred Dr. Myers for her faith in an effort to deter the Christian witness in a Muslim culture. The song is a moving tribute.

I pray for those trapped by the hopeless works based doctrine of Islam. That each would know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and come to saving knowledge of the truth of Jesus – to know Him, His grace, His life, His sacrifice, His victory, and His salvation.

2 thoughts on “Lead You to the Cross

  1. Emily Jones

    No Other Name came to our church last year! They were awesome! This song is on their CD..it is a great song. I didn’t know the back ground of it though.

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