The First Noel

Call me a traditionalist and in some regards I am – especially when you take into account this season. I really like the Christmas song, The First Noel. My wife and I last summer had the opportunity to hit the road and hear Celtic Woman in Raleigh, North Carolina. While they didn’t sing Christmas music at a summer concert, their rendition of this traditional Christmas favorite is incredible – the stings, voices, and intensity. It’s worth the listen.

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the shepherds in the fields. All of a sudden the brilliance of God’s glory illuminates the sky as the angelic announcement is made – the Rescuer is born. Head to Bethlehem and see it for yourself. Then before the angel returns to heaven, He’s joined by a chorus of heavenly host. For that one moment the fields serve as heaven’s stage on earth. This moment would never depart from the shepherds’ memories – a true treasure. They’d heard heaven’s glory.

Enjoy The First Noel.

2 thoughts on “The First Noel

  1. Tom Bagby

    Great song. You are also so blessed to have such a talented wife that you can hear sing just as amazingly, anytime she will agree to it. You are both precious blessings to our church.
    Thank you for all your efforts, and Merry Christmas.

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