How You React Does Matter…

ABC's "Live With Kelly And Michael" - 2013How we react in a humiliating situation says a lot about who we are as a person. I’m a Duck Dynasty fan (obviously not alone on this) and appreciate Jase Robertson’s reaction in a rather demeaning moment. He was definitely the recipient of discrimination. You probably heard about him standing in a New York hotel lobby (where he was staying) looking for a restroom. He asked a hotel employee to direct him. That’s exactly what the hotel employee did. He directed him to an exit, walked Jase outside, and pointed him down the road while wishing him luck in his search. Seems the hospitality employee mistook Robertson for a homeless man. Ouch – talk about a misread. Based upon his outward appearance, the hotel employee came to an inappropriate conclusion and acted upon it.

Robertson told on himself during an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael.  I love the fact he took the events in stride. His trademark appearance might be questionable in some regions and he understands this. He didn’t make a big deal about it, talk down the employee, or change hotels. I appreciate the way he told the story and how some media outlets didn’t blow it out of proportion.

Recently there’s been some media hype on discrimination. It smacks of attitude, pride, and self. While it doesn’t make it right, these things happen. We’ve all been judged by our appearance, occupation, or social status. In fact, if we’re totally honest here, most of us (if not all of us) have acted in discrimination against another. I think the bigger story isn’t that discrimination exists, but how people who have been discriminated against respond. We all have a choice in how we respond and in our tribe it’s called turning the other cheek. Just be a duck and let it roll of your back. The root of discrimination is often ignorance; don’t let it spoil your day or outlook on life.

How you react says a lot about who you are. You’re better than that!