The Dream for Something Bigger – The MCEF Center

the-least-of-theseHad an interesting Monday. There are some area pastors (me included) that vision a one-stop shop for a benevolent and caring ministry to the less fortunate in our community. MCEF (Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Fund) has been around for years and is (in my opinion) the prime organization to help move to the next level in meeting individual and family needs. Today we talked about combining resources in an effort to potentially do more together.  I know we can do more together; it’s a stewardship solution. Large churches, medium and small coming together to meet both physical and spiritual needs. Instead of someone working multiple churches and driving all over town to secure assistance, the one-stop shop can provide greater availability and stewardship.

Cool Spring Baptist Church recently took a big step in our role in this caring community. Instead of running our own Food Panty distribution (which we’ve done for years), leadership decided to relocate our effort to the MCEF Food Panty located off of 360. While we’ve closed our Food Pantry distribution at Atlee Station Road, we still work diligently to collect food for the MCEF Pantry. Additionally, there are a number of Cool Spring volunteers that work the MCEF Pantry on distribution days. We’re very much involved in feeding the hungry, but in a bigger way.

After a great luncheon at Cool Spring today (approximately three dozen attendees), it was evident we’d struck a common cord with area church leaders. It was great to see several ministry leaders volunteer to jump on board and join the steering team effort. What will church partnership look like with MCEF? How can we together make the one-stop shop dream a reality? This is a noble task for the new team.

I can just see it. It’s the Grand Opening of the new MCEF Center. There you’ll find food, clothing, supplies, furniture vouchers, classes, employment placement, and encouragement. Smiling faces offer hope and meet a daily need. There you’ll find financial assistance for utilities, rent, and gas – enough to help you get on your feet. At the MCEF Center you’ll find help in the partnership of a larger network of organizations poised to assist. I see local churches living the Gospel in action and word in our community.

How long, Lord?