The Violated Boundary and Challenged System of the Richmond Baptist Association

The Richmond Baptist Association breached a perceived boundary. Some advocate this as a family matter for Richmond Baptist Association churches, but it is far from just a “family” matter. The actions of one association and its affiliated churches affect neighboring associations and their respective congregations. The action of one has far reaching implications for the whole.

What are the shared values of the Richmond Baptist Association? The recent associational rhetoric fostered the ideal of collaboration. Fortunately or unfortunately, trust and shared value must exist prior to genuine collaboration. Trust develops from relational demonstration. Shared value is often initiated through boundaries. Boundaries are defined limits, borders, margins, or lines created and honored in the relationship. Why must organizations establish boundaries? Boundaries distinguish value. Stated and adhered boundaries protect what matters most and foster healthier team/organizational expectations. While nurturing a partnership, boundaries identify a framework for collaboration and cooperation. When trust erodes or a boundary breach occurs, genuine collaboration is jeopardized because the perceived organizational value was violated.

So where do you go from here? Organizationally you go back to the basics of building trust once more. It is both difficult and time consuming.  Develop, articulate, and demonstrate unique organizational values (shared values and boundaries) without deviating. This is the basis for experiencing genuine collaboration.  The Richmond Baptist Association is a challenged system. Trust was breached, shared value blurred, and boundaries violated – this stuff matters.

4 thoughts on “The Violated Boundary and Challenged System of the Richmond Baptist Association

  1. jimsomerville

    Brad: I’d be happy to work with you on rebuilding trust within the network of the Richmond Baptist Association. I think our conversation yesterday was a good step in the right direction. I know you better, and trust you more, than I did before.

    Sincerely, Jim Somerville, Pastor, Richmond’s First Baptist Church

  2. Dakir

    Why were comments on the old blog limited to members only? Hardly can have a discussion like that. This was my comment on your starbucks post, “biblical world view” got me going.

    The gay marriage debate isn’t a debate. There is nothing to debate. It’s a sexual perversion. Period. People can do it yes, but is it a marriage? Obviously not. Of course not. Are we equal? Yes. Of course. A straight man can marry any woman. A gay man can marry any woman. A straight man can’t marry a man. A gay man can’t marry a man. That’s called equal. This isn’t about biblical world view, it’s about mature. Not to be graphic, but the man is designed to compliment the woman. This is a medical fact. One goes in the other for the purpose of continuing the species. Anything else is selfish and for pleasure. Gays contribute nothing to mankind. It sounds harsh, but it is true FROM A STRICTLY NATURAL standpoint. Anything outside of how nature works is obviously for lack of a better word – unnatural and shouldn’t be protected in any way. Do people have the freedom to do it? Yes. We should be free to do a lot of things like grow natural plants and put them into our body, but the government says we can’t. The fact is we aren’t free to do a lot of things the government should keep its nose out of, but people never cry about them all. Only ones that fit the agenda which they don’t even realize is being fed to them daily.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Dakir, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments. Please note that comments on the old blog were turned off as it is no longer monitored. Since all prior posts were transferred to the new blog, you can comment on posts here. Only new material will be posted to this blog. Thanks for your understanding.

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