My Jesus Isn’t a Wimp!

Somewhere along the way we’ve sissified Jesus. Christians painted a picture of a fair skinned, perfectly manicured, and feathered haired Jesus for decades. The Sunday School curriculum teaching kit packet pictures illustrate an almost effeminate man. I’m positive Jesus wasn’t blond and blue eyed with perfect skin, nails, and hands. That’s not my Jesus; my Jesus is not a wimp. He was a carpenter who engaged in hard physical labor. His hands were calloused and rough while His skin tanned and weathered by the intense heat of the sun. He traveled and walked miles upon miles. He was physically strong.

Yes, Jesus called us to love His Father and to love our fellow man. Yes, He called us to forgive, care, serve, help, and learn. But my Jesus also drove out evil spirits from the demon possessed – His authority commanded their response. Jesus was aggressive and cleaned out the Temple courts not with asking, negotiating, pleading, or begging for the merchants’ departure. He drove them out with a whip while overturning tables, stands, and carts. That was my Jesus – principled, zealous, and determined. Jesus stood up, spoke truth, and rebuked. He told others to repent or perish – never mixing words. Jesus wasn’t afraid of what someone else thought of Him or of what they thought they could do to Him. Jesus was fearless. He was an in your face sort of guy not afraid of confrontation. That’s my Jesus. He stood between the crowd and the woman caught in adultery – standing between the people’s judgments and stoning. He stood up for her when no one else did. Jesus was a man’s man and attracted likewise. Consider the disciples – fisherman, laborers, and a tax collector.

Jesus didn’t run from the cross, but willingly embraced it. He placed Himself upon the cross. His hands and his feet nailed with each excruciating blow. He told us when it was finished. American Christianity thrives on the imagery of the Lamb. Let’s never forget He’s the Lion too. My Jesus isn’t a wimp!

5 thoughts on “My Jesus Isn’t a Wimp!

  1. Laura

    Loved reading this as much as I loved the sermon Sunday!I took almost 3 pages of notes and have enjoyed going through them on this rainy day. Ofcourse I think Jesus had brown hair and brown eyes,and oh yea I think he was short:)

  2. Janet Thompson

    I loved this sermon – My Jesus isn’t a wimp!. So true. When you think of all he endured and I’m not talking of after the arrest! Just look at the miles he walked from town to town,the carpentry, the healings he did from place to place, my word, he had to be physically strong.
    Thanks for this wonderful message. I have always railed against the Jeffrey Hunter/Robert Powell interpretations of Jesus- Robert Powell was so weird, he was disconnected from the people like some strange ascetic. And he was emaciated!

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