Too Busy to Realize?

I’m guilty – perhaps you are too. Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t realize how incredibly blessed I am. The schedule is the first culprit. Filled minutes and routines obscure the obvious. Then there are the items I’d like to control, but can’t. These occupy my thought life. But, if I can intentionally get past busyness, routines, and the stuff I can’t do anything about – I find a clearing with a great view. Life is genuinely good. I have an incredible family, good friends, health, opportunity, great co-workers, terrific church family, good shelter, food, and a truck. It’s not that I don’t have challenges, but life is good and I don’t want to miss or take or granted this fantastic season.

If I can get here, this is when the thought life gets really sweet. It’s when I’ve had time to process all the temporary or situational blessings that I realize the most superb blessing – Christ. I am most blessed not because life is good, but because I am His. This relationship is astonishing, amazing, and at times breathtaking. Because of the work of Christ, I am blessed. Life is good, for that I thankful. I’m most grateful for Christ – for I am really blessed.