An Evening with Bishop EW Jackson

Last night I heard Bishop EW Jackson speak at Mechanicsville Baptist. I also attended an earlier dinner (the meeting before the meeting). I appreciate Jackson’s story and his unequalled passion for freedom. He is compelling. As a Harvard Law graduate, he is well spoken, articulate, and commands attention. His recent notoriety resulted from a YouTube video gone viral calling black Christians to withdraw from the Democratic Party. I’ve included the video so you can watch for yourself (If you watch the video, please watch the entire clip).

A question posed post dinner by an area pastor had to do with Jackson’s perception of the black Christian’s support of either Obama or Romney. His observed response indicated what I believe is an interesting American mindset. His opinion: you’d be hard pressed to gain additional black voters for Romney but there will be a sizeable population of black Christians that won’t vote for Obama as they had in 2008. My first observation is that segregation and prejudice are alive on both sides of the fence; we haven’t come that far as a nation. The second observation is that pulling your support is almost as powerful as voting for the other guy.