Lessons from the Field (3) – Prayer Actually Works

It was my first pastorate – a new church start. We’d signed a lease agreement with the Korean Seventh Day Adventist Church. What a great match! They’re in the house on Fridays and Saturdays and that left Sundays for us. We had at our disposal a recent first unit church building to house our new start. In preparation for opening day – our launch – we still had some wish list items. We needed more nursery equipment in particular. I remember vividly (as if it were yesterday) chatting with members of the core group while standing under the portico of this newly leased space. The conversation turned to nursery needs. We decided to seek God for the new equipment as we held hands and asked. The next morning, I was in the office and the phone rang. Out of the blue we received an unsolicited call from a commercial preschool facility that was changing out old equipment for new. They’d heard we were starting a new church and wanted to know if we could use any of the equipment they were discarding. Needless to say, we picked up some equipment (exactly what we needed) to outfit our nursery for opening Sunday. I’ll never forget that day – a defining moment in the prayer life of a young church planter. It was another vivid example of how God answers prayer. Where He’s working on one end, He’s always working on the other.

Where does God need to move in your life?