The Power of Momentum

It’s a cool story. Over 300 volunteers in Iowa construct a church building in approximately 30 hours through the United Pentecostal Church International’s “Church in a Day” program. This is a story of vision, plan, purpose, teams, and of hope. Woven throughout the narrative you also find this thing called momentum. You can accomplish nearly anything with it, but without you’ll not accomplish much. Momentum compels the heart. It’s the push to drive. It’s the heart to soul. I liken it to be the difference between working in the strength of the Spirit versus working in the strength of the flesh. With one you’re empowered to the finish, but with the other you’ll likely burn out in the middle somewhere. It is the difference between trying to make something happen and simply something happening. The drive of momentum compels a group to achieve an unfinished task or vision. Check out the story here, it’s good stuff.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Momentum

  1. Justin Hatfield

    Great story Brad! Thanks for posting. In adult bible study this past Sunday, we talked in detail about the idea of “we are where we are, because that is where we want to be.” In other words, we have become complacent in our spiritual walk, idle in our service….because we are comfortable right where we are. This article speaks to the momentum of a group towards a single goal; however, the concept of momentum in the individual life is just a real. If we become complacent in our individual walks, then somewhere along the way, we have lost the momentum. The question is, how do you move from complacency back to a building momentum? I think you have provided the answer in your comments; it is the “difference between working in the strength of the Spirit versus working in the strength of the flesh”. One observation that I have made countless times is that most people try to live in their own strength. It may seem to work on the surface; there may even be a feeling of progress. In my experience, however, nothing compares to the momentum of Christ working in our lives….but we have to step aside and allow Him. When you get a group of people working in concert with the momentum of Christ….look for a powerful movement.

  2. Brad Hoffmann

    Good discussion in your group last Sunday. Very true. We really do know the difference between our strength or His strength – if we’ll admit it. One energizes while the other depletes. Thanks for the comment.

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