Servant Leadership: B-2-DO

Servant leaders are confident leaders. I learned this from Jesus. Before Jesus ever washed the disciples’ feet, we learn of His confidence. As a Christ follower, Jesus is my example for leadership. Read John 13:3, “Jesus knew that the Father had given everything into His hands, that He had come from God, and that He was going back to God.” Before Jesus washes the first foot, we’re told about three simple confidence truths – the being before the doing stuff. Jesus knew His Father had placed everything in His hands. Jesus knew where He’d come from and He also knew where He was going. Only following the being or confidence statements do we find Jesus preparing to wash the disciples’ feet. It is out of the being, the knowing, and the confidence that we see Jesus serve.

I believe true servant leaders operate from confidence – a being. Here’s what I mean. Real servant leaders know what God has placed into their hands. The servant understands the giftedness, entrustment, and responsibility. The servant leader knows where he or she came from. The servant understands their identity is found in Christ – only Christ. Jesus is our reason for being. The servant leader knows where he or she is going – headed. The true servant leader understands the times, possesses a vision, and lives with passion. The servant knows where he or she is going because they’ve heard from God – discerning His leadership. A leader who possesses a confidence about the entrustment, one’s identity, and one’s dream is the leader equipped for service – the servant leader. Servant leaders know who they are in Christ, understand what God has placed in their life, and to the future God has called. Without this confidence of being, it’s nearly impossible to practice servant leadership.

Leaders without a God given confidence about calling, purpose, and identity lead out of insecurity. Insecure leadership is typically self-serving, suspicious, and possessing limited vision. You are called to servant leadership – a confident leader. What has God placed in your life? What is your identity? What is your vision? Lead confidently and serve well. Jesus did.

“Whatever our career may be, true leadership means to receive power from God and to use it under Gods rule to serve people in Gods way.” ~ Leighton Ford