Choose to Live Well

So much of life is a consequence of choice. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to choose wisely. Life minus meaningful choices is just existing. Life lived intentionally and purposefully is real living. If we merely float through life tossed and buoyed by the flow, we barely exist. There’s so much more to life to know and experience. Real living calls out for us to power against the flow. Choose to live rather than exist. Live wisely. Live intentionally. Live purposefully. Live Decidedly. Choose to serve the Lord.

5 thoughts on “Choose to Live Well

  1. Justin Hatfield

    These are all good things for us to do “live wisely, live intentionally, live purposefully, live decidedly.” I wonder, however, how many of us actually know “how” to do them?

    I think one of the biggest opportunities today is that people are told “what” they need to do, and not “how” to go about doing it. Unfortunately, we live in a time where so many outside influences, contrary to God’s word, are ingrained into how we think and what we do. (there are a number of reasons for this, but I won’t go there today)

    I totally agree with you that it ultimately it comes down to choice. The real question is how many of us have a desire for change? How many of us truly desire to serve the Lord? How many of us want to put words into action and really make a change to improve ourselves, to positively influence our families and those around us?

    It’s one thing to say “I need to do this” or “I need to do that”. It’s something special when someone actually does it. To me, its black and white… either want it or you don’t.

    Just remember, the choice is ours to make and we have to live with the outcome of those choices – good and bad.

  2. Brad Hoffmann

    Okay, I’ll jump in too. When does “desire” become “determination”? Do I desire to live well? If so, where is the determination to begin and the perseverance to maintain? I’m with you on the how part. We may know what to do, but just not sure about how to do it. That’s where I think the church community really plays a role. A Biblical community is a transparent, mentoring, journeying, and relating community. As Baptists we claim the priesthood of the believer yet seldom talk about the believers’ priesthood – which is an accountable community. We like being “Lone Ranger” priests, but there’s need for community. An accountable community demonstrates the “what” so others see the “how” to live out. Of course, we’re back to choices. :)

  3. Justin Hatfield

    Great point!! I think that desire becomes determination at the point of commitment. Just as we commit to pay our mortgage, commit to our employers, commit to our spouses…..we will do what it takes (determination) to fulfill on our commitments until they are fulfilled (perseverance). So that begs the question….what about our commitment to Christ?

  4. Brad Hoffmann

    I think you’re right on target on the commitment piece. In order to answer the commitment to Christ question, you have to ask how it is defined? Is a commitment to Christ just a decision of the mind? For example, I’m choosing to go to a Mexican restaurant and I choose to order a chicken burrito. That’s a decision, but is that a commitment – obviously not. A commitment is more than a decision – it begins there, but then you must follow. A commitment requires a change in direction. If I’m committing to be at your party Saturday night (example), I’m taking everything else off my schedule – I’ve eliminated all the other options. I’ve committed myself to attend and participate. A commitment is more than a decision.

    Sometimes I think we treat our faith like a series of decisions rather than a series of commitments. If I’m committed to Christ, I’ve taken all other options off the table, I’ve eliminated the distractions – I’ve committed myself.

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