Thoughts About Last Sunday

“Inspiring” would be the first word I’d use to describe last Sunday. It was definitely memorable for me as it was my first Sunday at Cool Spring. For those of you that don’t know, we had a little storm roll through the area Saturday night; Irene was her name. While it could have been much worse, she did a fair amount of damage and created moderate inconveniences such as the loss of electricity. By sunrise Sunday the storm cleared. When I arrived at church, the sun was shining and a cool gentle breeze was blowing. The absence of electricity was the immediate. The decision was made to go from three to two services and move everything into the Sanctuary. Doors were propped and windows opened while that gentle cool breeze blew through the building. Lots of people arrived early to help – a sweet picture of a church in action.

Of all the observations to make about Sunday, one thing is for sure. Though we were absent of electricity, we were not absent of power. Enthusiasm, excitement, and energy were all present. But most important – His presence was obvious. God is moving at Cool Spring! I have to comment about another observation at the 10:00 a.m. service that will forever stick in my mind. We sang a song in that service which comes with a special memory for me. I well remember singing this song during a packed prayer meeting at the Brooklyn Tabernacle with a people unhindered in worship and a full altar – a rich and powerful moment in my life. Last Sunday, we sang, “How Great is Our God” without electrical amplification, no screens, and with minimal instrumentation. People sang with a passion from words not written on a screen but written upon their hearts about the greatness of God – powerful. The energy and truth of the moment was inspiring. We’d been through the storm and knew His greatness all the more. That moment is now etched upon my heart as the most memorable rendition moment of “How Great is Our God.”

If you don’t know the song, I’ve included Chris Tomlin’s version.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts About Last Sunday

  1. Anonymous

    The coolest thing Brad is the immediate confirmation that God brought you here. Again, how memorable will your first Sunday at Cool Spring Baptist Church be!?!

    Bryan Berry

  2. Anonymous

    The whole experience is quite allegorical of CSBC’s last two years. We (CSBC) have been through the storm, pulling together and showing up as a church family to support each other and rebuild. And now as the storm clouds clear, we know His greatness all the more. Your sermon on knowing His love and staying connected was just the message we needed to get our spiritual footing for the challenges ahead. Great first week!

    Alison Shay

  3. Justin Hatfield

    I was moved on Sunday singing this song (one of my favorites too). Sometimes it nice to break away from the instruments, to hear “the church” singing in unison. It was amazing; it was loud and sung with conviction. Simply awesome.

    Brad, great message too! “Knowing” during the times when we don’t “Feel” it.

    The last two years at CSBC has been a…….journey……to say the least :) Times when I would say many (including myself) weren’t “feeling” it. As Alison put it, and one of the things that I love about our church family, is the fact that we do a great job of supporting each other. I will add loving each other as well.

    I’m amped (seems to be my word for the month) up about our future. God is definitely moving here and I’m eager to see what the future holds for us as a family. God is great and I “know” he will do great things.

    Oh…and welcome to the family! :)

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