The Rumor is True

I guess it’s time to break the silence. I’m thankful for the prayers of many, as it’s been a rather stressful day. Since our return to Baytown Monday evening, I’ve been somewhat anxious – not worried (since I just taught on that subject a couple of weeks ago). After conversations with a couple of key leaders, church staff, and the Staff Committee, I made the official announcement this evening that I am resigning my position as pastor at Memorial Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas. I had to share with a bunch of people I love dearly that God had something else in store for me as well as for them. This principle I know, “God never works on one end where He doesn’t work on the other.” Of this I am confident – God is definitely at work in the whole situation. In case you haven’t heard, this past Sunday I accepted the call to serve the Cool Spring Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia as pastor.

6 thoughts on “The Rumor is True

  1. Anonymous

    For your heart Rom. 5:1-2 and we stand and rejoice in the hop of the glory of God! He called, he will bless and supply all the needs for His Glory!
    In love and prayers,

    Hilma Herron

  2. Anonymous

    Being from Louisiana, I know it will be sad to leave Texas and the “real South”, but we are very much looking forward to you and your family at Cool Spring! I think God told you to talk directly to me when you preached on Second Chance People. Hope all goes well and smooth with the move – we can’t wait til you get here!

    Wendy Berenson
    Mechanicsville, Va

  3. Anonymous

    Pastor, we have been visiting Cool Spring for about 6 weeks and feel a “sweet Spirit” there. We are from Texas and moved to TN for 9 years and now have landed because of jobs in Mechanicsville. We are looking forward to what God is doing at Cool Spring and look forward to getting to know you and serve with you there. We have not joined but praying about doing that soon! God bless! Praying for you, your family and your church there!
    Ben and Maryann Sloan

  4. Brad Hoffmann

    Hey Ben and Maryann,

    It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. Cool Spring is definitely a good place. Thank you for the prayers. I look forward to meeting you all too. See you the 28th.



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