Enjoy Your Easter Freedom This Year…

… it could be your last. Our freedoms in America are staggering in contrast with other nations. Most (if not all) Christians will worship unhindered by fear in America this Easter. We (residents in Baytown) won’t worry this Easter at least. This is not the case among believers in other nations. According to a Reuters, Pakistan’s Christians are making low-key Easter preparations fearful of potential retribution. Pakistan believers remember too many vicious attacks by intolerant Muslims. Under Pakistani law it is illegal to speak against Islam or its prophet Mohammad. Tolerance is a myth in Islamic dominated Pakistan – you cannot worship Jesus in freedom or security. Just remember, there is no Christian religious freedom under Islamic dominance.

In America, we are only as free as the motivated voter. While a constitutional amendment limiting religious freedom appears less than probable to many, it is not impossible to say the least. At the end of the day, the cause with the most votes wins. Mathematically, it’s not too far fetched and a capable state strategy mapped and enacted in my lifetime has serious potential. Look internationally as democracy and freedoms are jeopardized under Islamization. Islam is unwittingly fostered by hate crime legislation, which supports propagation.

Enjoy your freedom this Easter. With each successive year, Christian freedoms are encroached upon by Islamization. The desensitized Christian and the inoculated irreligious become Islam’s friend, yet their shortsightedness is blindness to the bigger picture. Unless the Christian church wakes up, our days of unhindered Easter celebrations are numbered.

Here’s my reality. If I speak out, I’m branded as intolerant. If I’m unwilling to accept Islam’s position as equally valid as mine and promote it as such, I’m intolerant. So my personal freedom is limited to the Islamist’s viewpoint and I’m intolerant if I disagree. Then, let me be intolerant! I am a man of conviction – a disciple of unwavering compromise. I believe and thus I stand. When Christ called me unto Himself, He called me to be separate unto Him. If I accept the beliefs of another as equal and valid as the Christian faith, I cannot believe in Christ alone for salvation. If I believe there is another way other than Christ, I can’t really be a Christian. He is either the way, the truth, and the life – the only way to the Father – or He isn’t. You can’t have it both ways. The Christian isn’t called to tolerance, but to disciple making. Jesus is the way, not Mohammad, Allah, or Islam.