On Terry Jones, Hypocrisy, Justification, and Truth

Qur’an burning is back in the news thanks to Terry Jones. It wasn’t just a threat this time; he actually followed through. Jones held a mock trial and found the Qur’an a book of hate and violence. He burned a single Qur’an. According to ABC News, a violent protest at a United Nations compound in Afghanistan was the result leaving 11 dead. Jones and his buddies were left to blame. While I don’t support Jones’ actions, I do agree with his observation. He stated the whole scenario just proves his point about radical Islam.

Since when does burning a book (sacred text or not) equate to the taking a life? Here’s the difference. In the west, we place a higher value on life. Life is valued in Christianity. In the east, life is valued less. The concept of “human rights” does not exist in Islam. You have no right therefore you have no value. Life in the east is not valued to the high degree it is in the west.

Islam is a religion of hypocrisy. Muslims burned Bibles in Islamabad and Gaza City recently. How is it that Muslims can burn Bibles and Christians can’t burn Qur’ans? Why is it okay for one and not for the other? Did Christians go out killing Muslims as a result? Islam calls for tolerance from other world faiths, yet they are unwilling to demonstrate such respect. Islam’s goal is not to accept Christians or Jews; it is to eradicate the world of them or enslave them. This is what the Qur’an teaches.

When did we start validating inappropriate behavior as justifiable? Every human being is responsible for their behavior. Those who seek to respond inappropriately as a result should be held responsible for their behavior regardless. Humans have a choice as to how they respond. Terry Jones is in no way responsible for the Islamist response in Afghanistan. Placing blames is only a poor effort in justification. The protestors had a choice and are solely responsible for their actions. I believe it is ludicrous as best to pin that one on Jones. The perpetrators must take responsibility!

If you live in America, follow the surge of anti-Islamic rhetoric coming out of Europe. The reasons are valid. European culture is eroding due to Islam’s influence. Islam is not a religion of peace. Anyone who would think otherwise hasn’t done the research.