Putting it into Perspective

Sometimes when you listen to the hardships of others, it allows you the opportunity to put personal circumstances into perspective. How can my discomfort, inconvenience, or hurt even begin to compare to some of the stories of others. What was I thinking? How have I drawn the boundaries of my world so small? It’s then the guilt sets in enormous. How could I have ever been so self-centered as to doubt God in my situation when I observe the challenges of others? My light and momentary troubles are just that – minimal and temporary. That’s important to remember in this faith journey. My “stuff” is temporary, but in order to walk through the moment, I must take each step in thanksgiving. Maybe not for the circumstance per sea, but for the One who walks with me through it. He is definitely faithful. Maybe it’s time to quit griping and to start thanking. Now that’s a perspective changer!