When will Christians Understand the Islamic Threat?

At 47, I’ve been observing the world’s religious stage for a very long time. There are some who behave badly in the name of their god. This could be said for many religious followers including Christians. But, there’s something I can’t ignore that’s happening around the globe. It’s the continued growth of Islam among nations like America. Much of the increase happens under the radar for most citizens, but the rate is significant. While the growth is alarming, Islamic beliefs are most disconcerting.

Americans and specifically Christian Americans are ignorant regarding the beliefs and methods of Islam. We want to believe its peaceful, yet global actions reflect otherwise. In migration, its perception is peaceful only to disguise the truth that lies underneath. Take Europe for example. Look at countries like Denmark, England, and France. It will not be long before an Islamic majority occupies Denmark. Already cultural clashes are evident. In both London and Paris you’ll find communities ruled by Islamic law superseding government rule. These nations, states, and municipalities are just now waking up to the battle and unfortunately it’s probably too late.

For the western mindset, it’s hard for us to understand. We don’t think the same. Our values are diametrically opposed. Peace opens the door and invites a hidden evil inside. No matter what “peaceful” voice you find, America and Christians in particular are the infidels. You and I deserve death according to their sacred works and doctrine. At all costs, Islam seeks to dominate the global landscape. It arrives as a sheep in wolves clothing. We want to respect and tolerate the beliefs of others, but when the sheep bites it’s a different story and often too late. I am not narrow minded, just educated. Study the history and pay attention to the current events. Tell the Catholic Christians in Baghdad that Islam is peaceful after dozens were slaughter last Sunday in church. Tell the Christians residing in Middle East communities that are being forced to leave their homes and business due to Islamic oppression and aggression that it’s a peaceful religion. While Islamic fundamentalism leads the march and gets much of the press, the quiet and sleeping giant grows in your neighborhood, schools, offices, and plants.

The question becomes, “How will Christians respond?” Do we continue in apathy, or do we wait for the obvious aggression? The church must pray, practice, promote, and proselytize. This is as much a spiritual battle as it is a physical battle. Prayer is required. Christians must practice being the hands and feet of Jesus. We must promote the Gospel by not only living the story but telling the story too. Christians must strategically learn to engage a Muslim with the truth. We must be aggressive in our proselytizing before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “When will Christians Understand the Islamic Threat?

  1. Jeremy

    Thanks for the post Brad. We do indeed need to be aware about what’s going on. I think many Christians are afraid to engage their Islamic co-workers and neighbors, and terrified to reach them with the Gospel.

    We need to preach the life changing message to people who need life change. That’s VERY controversial in our “tolerant” society, but we have to do it. If we don’t, we will be the ones being asked to submit to Allah… whether in peaceful, or unpeaceful terms I do not know.

    Let us reach them, not the other way around.

  2. Anonymous

    So true, we as Christians need to be bold. If our God is for us who can be against us. We are called to love as Christ loved us all, I know that love conqurs all, always has, and always will. Stay faithful brothers and sisters, and let your light shine :).

    Meg W.

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