The Power of the Lie

We live in the wake of consequence. Every disobedient action reaps an inescapable consequence. Dodging is futile, there’s no getting out of it. We question and doubt absolute truth (it really does exist). We fascinate ourselves with the dark; mesmerized by an illicit prize. Did God really say that? Is that principle really true for today? Doesn’t it appear outdated and old fashioned? It is in the questioning of truth that we doubt the validity of a lie. We exchange truth for falsehood. Why? Surely it will be okay – this time – this once. Have you ever wondered that if it wasn’t okay way back when, why in the world would it be okay now? Truth does not change and neither does the consequence of sin. It is swift always apprehending its prisoner. Listen to truth, ponder its application, and seek righteousness. Don’t listen to the whispers or reasoning of the lie; it seeks only to destroy you. Don’t entertain the darkness, walk in the light.