The Talent Award Winner at the Miss ETBU Pageant 2010

Had a great weekend and did a little traveling. Jolanta and the kids went up to Marshall on Friday night. Since I had a church meeting on Friday night and wanted to show up for at least a portion of the Workday at North in the morning, I opted to drive up to Marshall on Saturday after lunch. Our family converged onto the ETBU (East Texas Baptist University) campus for a Saturday night event to support Katey (our daughter) who was a contestant in the Miss ETBU Pageant. She won the talent award for the pageant. Way to go Katey. As a proud dad, I though I’d show you the footage from my phone. That daughter of mine can sing (glad she got her mom’s voice).

3 thoughts on “The Talent Award Winner at the Miss ETBU Pageant 2010

  1. Gloria

    You and Jo have every right to be proud. She did a terrific job!! What a beautiful girl and a beautiful voice! I’m proud of her also. It is great to hear of good things kids do. We hear so much negative about them that when we have a positive we need to hear and share it!!!!
    Aunt Gloria

  2. Whitney Lackey

    WOW … I always knew she was musical .. but this is just amazing!! I know yall are every proud of her.

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