Did You Sing to Him Today?

Sing Halleluiah (your highest praise to Him)! You have every reason to praise God. Praise Him for breath, life, provision, health, healing, grace, mercy, the knowing, faith, help, strength, shade, purpose, protection, family, gifts, vision, love, humor, laughter, music, praise, friendship, sovereignty, and His consuming presence. He deserves our highest praise! He deserves minds and hearts captured and consumed with Him. Jesus who is our righteousness made this whole relationship thing with God possible. It’s not a fleeting or temporary relationship – it is permanent (for eternity). Have you told Him how much you love Him today? Have you sung your song to Him today? Has He heard you call out His name today? He’s waiting to hear from you right now. Here’s a song about highest praise. You might even want to turn up the volume and sing along, but when you sing imagine you’re singing to Him. This isn’t a song about God; it’s a love song to Him. Halleluiah!