Sixth Update on Mom (Monday Evening)

Again, as always, thank you for your continued prayers. Mom continues to improve daily. Her vitals continue to improve as the infection diminishes. Mom is regaining her appetite as well as her sense of humor. She is sitting up more. The PT was scheduled to have her walk, too. Due to some challenges over the weekend with the IV, they inserted a Picc Line today. Both her x-ray and CT Scan today reveal continued improvement.

When Mom is discharged from the hospital (hopefully within the next couple of days), she will be transferred to the Rehabilitation Unit on Alexander. There she will receive therapy to regain her strength and continued assistance during her recovery. I would anticipate her stay there to be for at least a week to ten days depending on her progress. This unit is close to our home and provides excellent care.

Mom is a little disappointed she won’t be available for all the Thanksgiving festivities. Since most everyone is coming here (Baytown, Texas) for Thanksgiving, we’ll work extra hard to include the hospital room as a central location in the celebration.

Thank you again for your prayers. Mom continues to make great progress. I’m confident in the power of prayer.

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  1. Anonymous

    You are all in our prayers, this takes a toll on the caregivers as well as the patient. Know it will be a wonderful Thanksgiving having everyone together. Loved the interview with Katie on ETBU. Carol Fosgate

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