Update Two on Mom (Wednesday Morning)

Again, thank you for your prayers regarding Mom’s health. Here’s the latest. As of 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, she was moved from the Emergency Room to ICU. Because of ICU being so full, Mom ended up spending a little over 36 hours in the ER. I have to say the nursing staff was superb and attentive. She was in what basically amounted to a private room in the ER.

I think everyone is please with her progress so far. The emphasis right now is on treating the pneumonia and sepsis (bacterial blood infection). Mom is talking and able to communicate. She is less agitated. Her vitals continue to improve. She is extremely tired and weak – sleeping (in and out) most of the time.

They continue to administer the antibiotics intravenously and perform routine tests. She did enjoy ice chips and a grape Popsicle yesterday. I’m thankful for Cherry who came by and sat with Mom for a great portion of the day. Brian (youngest brother) arrived late last night. You’ll have to ask him about his interesting flight departing Atlanta. Jeff (middle brother) will be arriving shortly.

Please continue to pray. She’s still very sick – though thankfully improving. As I stated earlier, the emphasis in on the infection as the other concerns are secondary at this juncture. I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Update Two on Mom (Wednesday Morning)

  1. Anonymous

    Brad, my computer has been down since Sat. so I was really shocked when I read your blog today. However, I was not surprised, because Sunday when I saw her, she just didnt act like she felt well, and like every step was an effort. We will be praying for her, and you and your brother to find the comfort and peace only God can give. Brenda D.

  2. Anonymous

    Brad, I have been trying to call Sharon for weeks and haven’t been able to get through to her and have been very concerned. Please let her know she is in our prayers as is all of your family. Thank you for your blog as it keeps us all aware of her progress. Carol M.

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