Update Three on Mom (Wednesday Evening)

Here’s another quick update on Mom. Today has been a good day. It has been another day full of tests, doctors, and medications. Mom is responding well to the antibiotics. Her counts are better this afternoon including blood sugar. The nurses even got her out of bed to sit in a chair late this afternoon. She remains in ICU. Jeff arrived today, too. She was excited to see both Brian and Jeff.

Next step will include a CT Scan of the lungs either tonight or tomorrow. The left lung is the one they’re watching. After the scan is read, they will most likely perform a bronch for biopsy purposes as early as tomorrow afternoon or Friday. Mom appears to be in good spirits.

I am thankful for your continued prayer, as I know Mom and the brothers are too.

3 thoughts on “Update Three on Mom (Wednesday Evening)

  1. Carol F

    Brad: I am so glad you are doing this blog. It will save you, Brian, Jeff and Jolanta many a phone call. I also know how hard it is to keep it up. Our prayers are with you all and we are here for whatever is needed in Orlando. Just let us know.
    Give her a hug from us and know we are praying for her and all of you. Carol F.

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