Realizing God’s Provision Requires Participation

I’m convinced God provides for more than we give Him credit. Here’s my case. I have a need; I’ll pray expecting God to drop a solution in my lap. Periodically He does and other times not. It’s the times He didn’t that confounded me until I learned a simple principle. God always provides, but often the realization of a provision requires action on my behalf. Here’s the example. Read Exodus 16:4. The children complained there wasn’t enough food in the cupboard. God’s reply was to rain down manna from heaven. To take full advantage of the provision required them to go out and gather. God provided, they gathered.

I think I’ve missed God’s provision at times because I didn’t go out and gather. I expected Him to drop it in my lap, making it easy without any personal cooperation from myself. The older I become, the more I understand God’s desire for me to participate in His work. God’s giving (provision) often requires action on our part. We’ve prayed, He’s provided, and we miss the answer because we’ve knowingly or unknowing missed the opportunity to participate. As you pray, watch for God’s provision. Look for places to participate and gather. It may fall in our lap, but most likely it’ll fall in your field and require you to do some gathering. Participation personalizes the work of God. The more you participate the more you realize He provides.