Huh… with silver and gold?

I’ve been considering the tragedies and disappointments of life. Not that I’m that interested or am actually going through one right now, though I’ve journeyed painful paths before. I’m thinking about a family that lost a son this week. What a terrible and seemingly unbearable loss. I think of several who are struggle with a loss of employment. This experience brings many struggles both within and without. There’s a late-forties adult who is struggling with an identity in the sandwiched generation. I have friends struggling with finances, marriages, and kids. The struggles and tragedies can cloud the view of God’s miraculous. Even when you feel as though your struggle is one done alone without any clear direction, God is still there. I wish I’d remembered that earlier in times past during my foggy wonderings. I’m not alone; He is ever present.

I’ve been thinking about Psalm 105 today. Even did a tweet on verse four. But, I’m overwhelmed as I read through all the blessings and challenges. In verse 23 and following, you find the list of the plagues Egypt faced. You have to remember that Israel still inhabited the Egyptian city and countryside. Plague after plague is mention until verse 37. They you read, “Then he brought out Israel with silver and gold, and there was none among his tribes who stumbled.” God provided through the struggles and tragedies. He even routed them out of the land with silver and gold. And notice that not a single one among the tribe stumbled. God’s provision is awesome.

In our struggles we draw close to Him, its’ a certain occasion of intimacy. Draw close to Him during the struggles and tragedies in your journey. He’ll never fail to provide. He’ll never leave you standing alone.