Kid’s Beach Club is "Real" Ministry

I spent the later part of the afternoon at the Kid’s Beach Club Charity Golf Tournament at the Kingwood Country Club. Kid’s Beach Club is a phenomenal endeavor doing ministry in the trenches (where the people are). See, Kid’s Beach Clubs are afterschool clubs onsite in local neighborhood public schools. To state it simply, KBC is taking Jesus into the schools. Thousands of children participate in these afterschool clubs with hundreds coming to know Christ. Not only are children being changed, but also families are being transformed.

Our church sponsors a club in our community (Austin Elementary). It’s been exciting to witness and hear the stories of changed lives. In a day and time when churches are struggling to find creative and effective ways to take Jesus into the community, this is about as good as it gets. I’m grateful for Kid’s Beach Club. I’m also thankful (and proud of) people like Kid’s Beach Club Founder and President, Jack Terrell. These are the true spiritual entrepreneurs who are taking the risk and walking by faith to take creative ministry to the doorsteps of the community. These man and their organizations deserve our prayers and support.

Kid’s Beach Club is real and it works. Are you ready to try something creative and effective? Do you really want to see lives changed? Then Kid’s Beach Club is something you need to investigate.