Sometimes I Feel Like a Coffee Bean

I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Actually, I enjoy the smell of fresh brewed coffee any time of the day. I was thinking earlier about my coffee making process. We buy whole bean, preferring to ground our own. I’ve notice over the years; you lose some of the flavor with pre-ground coffees. Once the coffee is ground to a particular consistency, I place it into the machine and push the start button. As I listen to it brew, the aroma begins to fill the house.

Sometimes I feel like a bean of coffee. I’ve got to go through the grinding and brewing process to become a pleasing aroma before God and others. I’m not sure I like that, but you can’t brew a good cup of coffee without grinding the beans and running boiling water over them. Sometimes life hurts with all its challenges, disappointments, and failures; this is the grinding and brewing process of life. There are lesson learned and battles won in the grinding that we’ll never forget. Without these life lessons and experiences we would never realize God’s potential or plan for life. God never wastes an experience no matter how hurtful or insidious. He can work good out of anything to ultimately give Him glory. Next time you’re going through a difficult and challenging time, remember the brewing process. After the grinding and brewing, you have a fine result – a good cup of coffee and a sweet aroma.