Rockets and Kids

I was reminded Tuesday evening of the importance of spending time with your kids individually. It’s funny how each one is so different. Our oldest is in college and is home for Christmas break. It’s good to have her home. The younger two are still in elementary school, fifth and fourth grades. We do spend varying amounts of time together as a family unit; doing things collectively. Rarer are the moments when you just have one child with you. Such was the case Tuesday night. Jo had a school program and our oldest and youngest were assisting her. I took my youngest daughter to the Rocket’s game. We both got Scola wigs (two of the first 3000 and wearing red), but that’s another story. It was fun to hear her talk, ask questions, and make remarks. We arrived early, walked through the Rocket Shop, ate dinner, and enjoyed a basketball game. Sometimes our kids will express themselves more fully in the absence of siblings. There’s not a competition for time or attention. She had her father’s full attention. We did all this on a school night, too.