Snow in Baytown, Texas

Snow in Baytown, Texas. It’s pretty astonishing stuff! For those of you, who live in a region of the country where snow is a normal winter occurrence, please indulge us. Last time it snowed in Baytown was four years ago on Christmas Eve. While a couple of inches of snow may not be a big deal for many across the northern tier of our country, it’s big stuff here – especially with the kids. It all started around dinner time at church last night and didn’t let up until almost 11:00 p.m. A first snow, well an only snow, is a beautiful thing. It was fun to watch the kids at church running outside captivated by small flakes falling from the sky. There was a buzz of excitement as they were rehearsing with the choirs and orchestra for the Christmas program this weekend. It seemed to complete the picture. The kids will have some extra time at home today. School will start a couple of hours later as we wait for the roads to clear out a bit and the buses to make their routes. It’s just kind of remarkable to sip a cup of coffee while glancing out the window and observe snow laden roofs in my neighborhood.