People Who Attend Church Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

Go to church more, it’ll make you happier. According to John Robinson, a university professor and author of a study published by the journal Social Indicators Research, happy people engage in activities such as going to church, socializing, and reading the paper. The study took into consideration 45,000 responses over a 30 year period. The work revealed a difference in the activity level of happy people versus the inactivity of unhappy people. Interestingly enough, unhappy people spent more time watching television than happy people. Specifically the activity of church attendance was mentioned a couple of times in the article as an activity of happy people. The Pew Research Center has come to a similar conclusion in a separate study about happiness. People that attend church on a regular basis are happier than people who do not. So, do you want to be happy? Try church. It might just be what you’re looking for!