Stressful Behavior

Stress is real; stressful situations and causers are all around us. Everyday life is filled with enormous stressors. Hectic schedules create demanding lives. There are two options when dealing with stress. We can overcome it or be overcome by it. It’s a personal choice. You learn to deal with stress before stress deals with you. When we allow stress to overwhelm physically, emotionally, and spiritually, there is a greater likelihood that we’ll exhibit and demonstrate inappropriate behavior in an attempt to “deal” with the stress. Here’s Agent 23. He’s had a bad day since being reassigned to a desk job. As he attempts to use the copier, he finds it jammed. Watch as he takes out his personal frustration on a co-worker. See if you think he exhibits appropriate behavior. Don’t let stress get the best of you. Learn how to cope with stressful situations and circumstances.