I Was Thinking About Worship

Tonight, I was thinking about worship for some reason. What is it? How do we do it? When is it real? I’ve come to believe it is more about substance than style. It’s about the heart of the worshipper more than the tempo of the music or style. Here are a few first thoughts about worship. It’s meaningful, heartfelt, and not some illusive act. The mask is removed; risk being fully known and vulnerable with the mercy giver and the grace provider. It’s me in all my humanity, desiring surrender to my Savior – Jesus, my Lord. It’s authentic, relational, transforming, real, and expectant. Worship is an act of the heart, mind, and soul; an all surrender (of me) to Him. He is the great and marvelous one and how my words are so inadequate to describe Him. I must surrender, cry out to Him, desire Him, and return to this moment of intimacy for which I have longed. In worship, I know freedom, my will is re-aligned with His and life regains a God perspective. It’s an act of obedience – my personal surrender – to concentrate only on Him. To be captivated by His presence, how thankful I am for genuine worship. My heart, my soul, longs for you Lord. I love you Jesus – You deserve my all.