You Can Do Both!

The issues of the day remind me of this scene in Amazing Grace. The recent court decision in Connecticut ruled in favor of gay marriage. While the court was divided, the Connecticut Supreme Court lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. Look to the other coast in California and you’ll see Proposition 8 on the ballot for November. If Proposition 8 is approved by voters, it would change California’s Constitution making gay marriage illegal and nullifying a court decision last May making same-sex marriage legal. Supporters of Proposition 8 have been harassed and subjected to ridicule throughout the state.

Are we to observe our society and culture continue to slide into complete depravity? Are we to hide our heads and wring our hands at the thought of this daunting task? Is the work of God and the work of a political activist mutually exclusive? I believe not! You can do both and we must do both! In a society which continues to exist in the absence of a moral compass, I believe it is the Christian’s commission and its band called the church to educate, promote, and advocate legislation promoting moral truth and absolutes in our culture. If we don’t do it, then who will?