A Great Birthday Present

I got a great birthday present – electricity – a day early. Power was restored to our home yesterday afternoon. What a deal! After nearly a week without power, it was nice to turn on the air conditioning. I have to say though the weather was a real gift post storm. The temperature would dip into the upper sixties at night – a real present especially during this time of year in Texas.

I’ve become keenly aware of the role of electricity. So much of what we do is contingent upon this commodity we take for granted. Post Ike, there was both food and fuel in our area, but it wasn’t accessible without electricity. Concerns about a compromised water system ran through the community. You’re either bottling it or boiling it. Communication was at a minimum. Cell phone and land lines weren’t available and neither was internet, cable, or satellite. After the sun went down, there were no lights. If it was going to get done, you had the window of opportunity called daylight.

I also think we’re all a little emotionally off, too. There’s something about a routine and life that’s been disrupted and you can’t do anything about it. You sort of walk through a haze, tired, drained, and maybe a little on edge. The circumstance is beyond our control. We are dependent upon others to make appropriate and timely repairs to our community’s infrastructure. There is a renewed dependence upon God. We were told to be patient, but that’s something I know you’re never to pray for. So how can you be patient when you’re not to pray for patience? You pray for wisdom; patience comes from wisdom.