Eric Schmidt’s Presentation at the Economic Club

I watched C-Span’s segments on Eric Schmidt’s talk to the Economic Club from my hospital room earlier this week. It’s not that I was bored with Oprah (actually I don’t watch her show), but I found his presentation fascinating. Why? It’s a presentation of where we’ve been and where we’re going with this tool called the internet. The current statistics are amazing. The discussion on the pending changes in business models and the onslaught of social networks reflect the evolution of technology in everyday life. You must ask some questions. How do these changes impact our culture? How do these changes affect the existence of the church and its current working models? How will technology shape the church? How can the church be innovative? How can the church embrace creativity in our local context? Ponder the principle of YES that Schmidt refers to. Maybe we should be revolutionaries as to how church is done. This is a worthwhile conversation. I know this video is over 40 minutes. Start at 6:30 minutes – it’s where Eric Schmidt begins his talk. He’ll conclude around the 30 minute mark – so it’s only about 25 net minutes. I think you’ll find it valuable.