Too Politically Correct

I’ve grown weary of endorsements and the soon to follow rejection by the candidate. First there was Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. Now there’s John McCain with John Hagee and Rod Parsley. I’m not asking you to sanction the opinions/belief systems of pastors Wright, Hagee, and Parsley. These are men and not institutions making endorsements and in reality their endorsement is of little consequence. Hey, do you think anyone scrutinized the opinions/belief systems of all the other candidate’s supporters? What about that business owner, physician, or activist who spoke on behalf of a candidate? Anyone else hold an extreme opinion? Anyone else have a harebrain idea? Anyone else say something stupid? Do candidates only take endorsements from ideal supporters or only the ones that haven’t been recorded? We all have our moments of idiocy!

I’m convinced that we live in a day and time where candidates and spectators alike are too concerned with being too politically correct. The men in question and their opinions are secondary to the real concerns facing our nation. There are serious issues on the table like national security, energy, global warming, economy, healthcare, education, and the well being of our fellow Americans. This great nation of ours stands at the crossroads. What are we going to do about the future of America? Who has a real plan and not just a bunch of rhetoric? Where are the real candidates that can make a difference? I’m of the opinion that many of our best men and women won’t run for public office because of the scrutiny of politics. These closet candidates see a public more concerned about being too politically correct than about making a difference. Give me an imperfect candidate with conviction, passion, and vision endorsed by imperfect supporters. That person has the potential to make a difference.