The development of “self” is essential to leadership. I’ve been processing Joshua’s charge. Moses is dead and God spoke to Joshua telling him to lead His people across the Jordan River and into the land. A big task, huh? You’ve got it. But with this charge, God makes some promises to Joshua; promises He’s intent on keeping.

Next, God gives Joshua some direction for daily activities. He’s told to be strong and courageous. While that’s easier said than done, God knew Joshua would face some obstacles. These impediments would be physical, spiritual, and emotional, and even relational. If you’re going to lead, you must be strong – not just determined or with physical might but strong in the Lord. And don’t forget to add courage – you’ll need that, too. Courage is necessary to walk in places where you’ve never been before.

Then there’s this obedience thing that God introduces into the picture. Joshua was well aware of the significance of obedience; he’d been walking around the desert for years as a consequence for other’s disobedience. He knew his faith and walk had to adhere to God’s word and will. “Obey and you’ll be successful,” God says. God directed Joshua to study and meditate on His word day and night. If Joshua was completely immersed in God’s word, He was more apt to knowingly obey. Obedience would lead to his success.

Be strong + obey + study + meditate = success. It seems simple, but it’s not. It’s proactive, intentional, creative, intimate, authentic, and transparent. God is calling people out from the crowd to travel with Him. Not as the crowd walks, but where He walks. Are you up for the stroll.