Blame vs. Vision

Listening to some of the Democratic Debate tonight, I had hopes of hearing the self-described differences between the candidates. I’m not sure that really happened. The word “change” has been used a lot in the campaign. Yet, there seems to be very little change – just politics as usual. There’s been more blame tonight than vision. If there’s going to be change, there must be an articulated vision. The vision must be passionate; painting a picture that everyone can visualize. You’re creating a future that everyone must be able to see. Real change isn’t about placing blame; it’s about loading us up and taking us to a place we’ve not been.

I think I’m really looking for the candidate that can paint that picture. I want a leader that knows where we need to go and can collaboratively guide us on the path to get there. Blame is for the petty; vision if for the leader. Let’s look for the candidate with vision, and then you’ll see real change.