This is the Sixth Mother’s Day

Happy-Mothers-DayThis Mother’s Day is the sixth since my mom’s passing. While I  miss her, I have many good memories. I am blessed. While I can’t tell her this Sunday that I love and appreciate her, I can tell others about her. This year, I’m choosing to tell a story or two about her influence.

Her example to me as a child demonstrated selflessness. The early days were lean times. Mom, to provide a memorable Christmas, would return her gifts to pay for mine. She would go without that I would have.

I can still see her sitting in the stands in high school. She never missed a football game whether it was home or away. Even after a loss, mom worked overtime to be an encouragement.  She taught me something about presence.

Then there were the days she served as PTA President. Mom and the job were perfect for each other.  This was her element. Mom would raise the bar for future leaders to follow.

Mom loved people, and she enjoyed playing cards with her foursome in Baytown. Their games would last for hours. These last years I’ve missed not having mom call with a question as Lori, Dianne, and Cherry laughed and talked in the background. Mom taught me something about spending time with friends and cherishing them.

Is your mom still living? If so, don’t miss this opportunity to let her know how much you appreciate her. Life is too short. Don’t waste a moment like Mom’s Day to celebrate your unique and beautiful mother.

If your mom is no longer living, share a story or two with friends and family about her influence upon your life. Let her memory live on as you celebrate mothers.

Have a great and happy Mother’s Day!