We’re In For A Bumpy Ride

Don and HillaryPolitics dominates the news. How can I escape?  Here are a few thoughts to carry me through the next several months.

Much of the campaign rhetoric will cease come November. I won’t have to listen to Secretary Clinton or Candidate Trump personally bash each other on the daily news cycle forever.

After the election, the personal attacks will lessen and a broader discussion about the issues will increase. There are real issues to grapple with as a nation. Elected leaders must address these.

We’re not electing a savior. No politician – man or women – who will “save” us from our plight. We are all broken, fallen and fallible. The only savior is Christ. When we elect a president, we’re electing someone flawed and imperfect – same as us. He or she has opinions, assumptions, prejudices and the like. When I vote in November, I’m not voting for a candidate but a political philosophy or theory. Remember, neither party’s philosophy is wholly Biblical.

As I pan the historical Biblical narrative, I find less than desirable leaders at the helm of nations. That’s a reality. But, here’s the greater reality throughout the narrative, God reigns! Regardless of who might be king, God reigns! Despite who is in charge, God reigns! Every person is answerable to God regardless of his or her belief, God reigns.

Regardless of who receives the most votes in November, I’ll still live the mission. As a Christ follower, I will continue to join Him in this great redemptive mission of His. Washington doesn’t decide my faith or how I choose to live it out. I’ll live missionally regardless. It is truly all about Jesus and His mission. In the end, the mission is more important than the resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Living well through the next several months means my focus remains on Him and His mission.

11 thoughts on “We’re In For A Bumpy Ride

  1. Tom Bagby

    While I do agree with you that neither candidate is the Savior and that only Jesus fills that role, I do believe it matters how we use our vote. There is one party that wants to remove God entirely from public places and their platform, wants to celebrate homosexual marriage, and wants to continue to murder infants in the womb. A vote for this party, the party of the left, the party of Democrats, will reduce religious freedoms further than the existing erosion, and increase our culture’s comfort with specific sins. I feel the need as a Christian to cry out against these policies and to promote the other party and their candidates.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Hi Tom, I appreciate the perspective and your comments. You are right – It matters how one votes! It is important for people to participate in the process – it is a stewardship principle. When I vote this November (which I will), I’m not voting for a candidate, but for a political philosophy which aligns most with my faith. Unfortunately (in my opinion), neither candidate evidences a faith walk as a Christ follower.

  2. Sherwood Jones

    Yes god reigns! However he did not intend to spoon feed all of his children. He expects them to mature and feed themselves. God has blessed this nation by giving its people the ability to rule rather than government ruling the people. A government of ,by ,and for the people requires their participation. The Bible surely does advise us what kind of leaders to choose. Men that fear the lord and no his word. We will never get the perfect candidate to lead us until Jesus returns but we must elect leaders who display the most biblical values. The party platform is critical and if we support an ungodly agenda we will become ungodly also as a people. Yes god reigns but he expects us to be salt to a decaying culture and Light in a dark world. We cannot be Salt and Light unless we are participating in our culture on every level. That includes politics. To dismiss or to minimalize and trivialize the importance of the Christian vote is irresponsible. If God sends us a Lifeboat in the rising Waters we need to get in it. Evil will rain if good men do nothing. To minimalize our responsibility to participate in the political forum is to assume that God does not care whether or not we are a culture of abortion, homosexuality and gay rights. It is the Minister of God who has the responsibility of leading the flock and informing the flock on issues that they know little about. They must lead by example. Never deviating From the Path God has set forth in his holy word. God has already spoken on the issues of homosexuality, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing and murder through abortions. It is my assertion that he has not changed his mind on these issues. He is the same now as he was and will ever be. It is mankind who is changing the word of God to suit himself.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Hi Doug, I really appreciate the perspective and comments. I hope you did not interpret my post as anti-vote or anti-participation. We each have a responsibility to vote and participate in the process. There are many people struggling with the candidate options this year. There are many people struggling with establish political party platforms as well – in both parties. I believe people will have to look beyond the candidates this election to vote political philosophy. I do believe when the dust settles, God will still reign. My faith does not find its strength in a political system or candidate; my faith finds its strength in Christ – my resolve is in Him. And, I know yours does too. Whatever happens in November, I’m compelled to live the mission, to live and share the gospel the best I know how. Yes – please vote, please participate in the process, but in the end, please remember God is still sovereign – that’s my take on my post.

  3. Sherwood Jones

    What political platform should a Christian follower of Christ vote for. The Democratic party’s agenda of reduced religious freedom, abortion on demand, bigger government, higher taxes, Less National Security through open borders, complete amnesty for all illegal aliens, a weaker military, socialism, more infringement on America’s gun rights and the ability to protect one’s family, taxpayer funding of abortions and sex change operations for transgenders, completely destroying our freedom of speech, gay rights over Christian rights, same-sex marriage horseshoe to Christian vote for the Republican platform and agenda of traditional marriage, traditional Family Values, pro-life for everyone even those living in the womb. A strong military, less government infringement into our daily lives, protecting America’s gun rights, safety through secured borders?

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Doug, I think a Christ follower votes according to how they sense God’s leading, how a candidate lines up with their personal values and how a specific party’s platform lines up with their own faith framework. I’m a registered Republican and have voted nearly always along party lines. But, I have to be honest, I share some disenchanted with my tribe – their behavior and parts of its platform. I identify a lot less with the other major party’s platform. As I know you know, platforms are typically 50 – 75 pages in length and represent a variety of positions and opinions of those in party leadership. Not all Republicans agree with everything in the party platform, it’s a consensus document. Same with other parties. Again, I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm. Thanks for the comments.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      No problem – I have the same dictation – voice issues too. Thanks again for commenting.

  4. Sherwood Jones

    Thank you for your comments Pastor Brad. I too will live out my faith regardless of which person gets elected to the presidency. A true follower of Christ will not be led to support an agenda or platform that goes against God’s holy word. As a true follower of Christ we cannot fall into the lukewarm category as it relates to His values. That means therefore that we cannot support condone or celebrate that which God almighty condemns. We must stand firm on his word and let the chips fall where they may. To do anything less is less than what God expects of us. Christians cannot support the ungodly agenda of the Democratic Party and still reflect Godly values. You cannot walk in the light of the Lord while holding hands with the Devil. The sinfulness of an ungodly agenda attaches itself to those who support it. This is what true Christians and followers of Christ need to realize and understand. Your brother in Christ Doug Jones

  5. Chuck Reece

    You are correct when you write, “We’re not electing a Savior” as that has already been accomplished 2000 years ago, however we will be voting indirectly for 3-4 new members of our Supreme Court which in turn will rule over the land for the foreseeable future. If you wrong people get in we can say goodbye to religious freedom in the good ole USA. This making your statement, “Washington doesn’t decide my faith or how I choose to live it out” much more difficult.
    The outcome of the election may decide the fate of 3000 helpless humans who are murdered in the womb every day in our country. Our vote should be for the “sinner” that will most likely move the ball forward toward the goal line of righteousness!

  6. Sherwood Jones

    Pastor Brad I agree with you that after this election and all of the dust settles God will still reign. Just as he reigned over the Israelites as they endured their Babylonian captivity and destruction of the Temple. Could the Israelites have avoided this? Does obedience to God almighty bring forth his wrath or his Blessing. If God sends you a Lifeboat in the rising floodwaters of persecution will you get in it. This presidential election is our Lifeboat. I believe God sent it to us very clearly as it relates to each party’s platform. Nothing else matters .Not the economy ,not border security, not foreign diplomacy but what really does matter at the top of this heap for the Christian, is the murder of unborn children and religious freedom. When people ask you how they should vote all you had to say was that one platform was biblical and that one platform was not then let them make the decision. I am surrounded by Baby Christians and ignorant people who really don’t know the issues. Yes, some people require you to spell it out for them. This was evidenced in my Sunday school class. What will you do Pastor Brad if you are forced by law to marry a same-sex couple or go to prison. What will you do if you are forced to hire openly gay elders or Deacons.As Chuck Reece advised you earlier if the wrong platform wins this election the ability to live out your faith will be much more difficult if not impossible. I only wish that you could have been as clear to our congregation on this election as Reverend Nelson was to his. This one is too important to rely on ignorant people’s votes. The ignorance I am referring to is the true meaning of not knowing the facts. One last thought on the matter .When you advised the congregation that people came up to you and ask you who they should vote for, did it ever occur to you that they were asking you because they truly didn’t know? Please don’t be afraid to take a Biblical stand even if it costs someone’s friendship. God’s Mighty power rests in those who are willing to wield it for HIS cause as the apostles did.

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