I Talked with an Old Friend Yesterday…

two-old-friendsI talked with an old friend yesterday. We conversed for nearly an hour as I traveled back to Mechanicsville from Yorktown. Her husband had recently passed; he was a great and gentle man. We talked about family, friends, church and Jesus. I’m not sure I know anyone who loves Jesus any more than Maxine. She has lived missionally long before the term became a popular buzzword; my friend gets it. After we said our goodbyes and ended the call, I thought about some life lessons she’s demonstrated well.

Your mission field is wherever you’re planted on any given day. As her husband was in and out of the hospital, no matter where she was that day, it was her mission field. God would literally send people both great and small across her path to share the gospel. It could be in the grocery store, sitting in a waiting room or standing in the hallway of the hospital, this was God’s mission for her. Imagine living sent throughout your day demonstrating the gospel where God planted you.

Take notice of every occasion to tell others about Jesus. Maxine has a unique ability to make the most of every conversation. She can always turn a conversation to Jesus in a meaningful and non-threatening way with an uncanny way of making you feel special and important. It’s a great example of gospel mindfulness in our daily conversations.

Treat everyday as an adventure. As a Christ follower, every day is filled opportunites if we’ll simply look for them. As I think back on some of the many stories, it’s amazing how God has used Maxine in some incredibly unique situation. Why? Because I think there’s a lesson here about the sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading. I believe if we’re sensitive to the Spirit’s leading, there’s an adventure waiting around nearly every corner. Every day is sacred and special.

May we all share a boldness and passion for the gospel like Maxine demonstrates. Thank you friend for your example!

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  1. Nicky and pat Dunlop

    Nicky and I went to the race track in Baytown with Cecil and Maxine many years ago. There were two teenage boys sitting in front of us. They were getting up to get food and drinks and their pants were about to fall off. Maxine said pull up your pants before they fall off. They turned around and said yes mam. When they came back, they started talking to us about lots of problems in their lives. Maxine talked to them about The Lord, but neither of them were ready yet. But she planted a seed in their young lives. Nicky and I visited with Maxine February 22, also took her to lunch. We had the best time.

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