Doing Mother’s Day after Mom is Gone

Happy Mom's DaySunday is Mother’s Day. If you recently lost your mother, this could prove to be a difficult day for you. While many flock to church on Sunday to honor mothers with presence, some actually avoid church all together on that day so they don’t have to go through the emotional toll.

How can you celebrate Mother’s Day after your mom is gone? I think you celebrate it by honoring her memory. Mothers give and nurture life. Give words of life and nurture the relationships around you this Mother’s Day.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Honor the “other” mothers around you. What mothers are in your life? What about a mother-in-law, daughter, or best friend’s mother? Take a moment and affirm them in their role as a mother.
  • You can honor your mom by sharing stories about her on Mother’s Day. Now, let’s make sure these are true and appropriate stories! How did your mom encourage you? What lessons did she teach? Do you have a favorite memory of her? Share these memorable moments with family and friends. You are sharing your mother’s heritage as you share these stories.
  • Pen a note or letter to your mom. Even though you can’t mail it, share your thoughts and sentiments on paper. It is a meaningful exercise.
  • Spend the day with family and/or friends enjoying the God given relationships in your life. Soak up every moment. Memories are made in community.
  • You can give a charitable gift in her memory. Did she have a favorite charity? What about a mission offering at your church? She continues to influence others through honoring her memory.

And remember, if you follow Christ and your mom followed Christ, you’ll see her again. I firmly believe the one’s we’ve known here we’ll recognize in eternity. Just separated for a season, that’s hope.

2 thoughts on “Doing Mother’s Day after Mom is Gone

  1. Janice Wilson

    These are particularly helpful suggestions in light of the fact that Ron’s mother transitioned to her heavenly home on April 26. My sweet mother died suddenly in 2007. As a couple this is our first Mother’s Day without a mother here on earth. We will be thanking God for the beautiful godly women who taught us much about following Jesus.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Thank you for sharing. You and Ron both share a wonderful heritage with moms that loved Jesus.

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