Don’t Be Held Hostage!

Hostage_Theme_ArtThe Hostage Series begins Sunday, January 12. What is Hostage? Well, I really believe there are three very specific life moments that hold us back. These cells of captivity ensnare us holding us prisoner. Their grip prohibits us from experiencing and living out God’s intended purpose – His best for us. God doesn’t desire for you to live captive to things that steal your attention and affection. God’s story is one of freedom. Jesus offers redemption and freedom to those who believe (follow).

What are these three moments? They’re our (1) habits, (2) past and (3) mindset. Each unattended moment can result in a prison holding us hostage while we miss God’s opportunity. We’ll start with habits this Sunday. Know that not only can you break old unwanted habits, but also you can create new habits. We’ll address our past in week two and finish up the series with our mindset. I truly believe that if a believer would come to grips with their habits, past and mindset, life would be experienced from a new and whole perspective.

We’re all vulnerable. If unaware, we can become both victim and hostage to a place that is less than God’s best for us. Where is the biggest threat? How can we take back our habits? What are the first steps forward? How do I renew my thinking? These are all questions addressed in the Hostage series. God doesn’t intend for you to be held hostage, but to live in freedom. It’s time to break free from controlling habits, painful pasts, and unhealthy thinking.

Check out Cool Spring Sundays at one of four morning services 8:30a (Worship Center), 10:00a (Worship Center), and 11:15 (Sanctuary) or Exchange (B64). These next three weeks could change your life! Break free!