Off to a Good Start!

start-running-for-beginners1-e1325405930717Reading the Bible through chronologically in a year is off to a good start at Cool Spring. I’ve enjoyed the hallways conversations, emails, texts and calls sharing how individuals, couples, and families are reading this year. More people appear to have taken up the challenge this year compared with last.

Probably the biggest shocker so far seems to be the interruption of Genesis. We meet Abram and then there’s Job. Due to questions surrounding Job’s authorship, the book’s date is debated as well. While there are several date theories, it just happens that our plan places Job during the period of the patriarchs.

Welcome to the party and enjoy the reading journey.

2 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start!

  1. Jeanne Carter

    Could it be that Job has been inserted where it has been because near the end of the book, in Chapter 38, God speaks to Job, and more specifically, speaks of His creation?….seems like inserting Job after Genesis 11 is the “perfect fit”.
    (Thanks to my dear friend, Pat, for this revelation!)

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Yeah… definitely one of the interpretations that places the Job where I reading plan puts him.

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