It’s the Stingy Monster this Week…

PrintWe’re in the midst of Monsters at Cool Spring. That’s right – week two in the Monsters Series. The Stingy Monster is this week’s monster. We’ve all been there. It’s the attitude that doesn’t want to share, give, or let go. It’s the closed-fisted behavior. We learn in Proverbs 23 that we’re not to eat the food of the stingy (evil-eyed) man because he’s always calculating the cost even in his fraudulent outward generosity. That’s the problem. His outward appearance says one thing, yet his heart is not with you.

When the Stingy Monster shows up, idols get carved and confusion sets in about ownership and stewardship. Money (stuff) becomes the idol. We actually think we own the stuff we possess. How foolish when the truth is we don’t own anything – it is really all God’s. Ours is just a responsibility to steward in a way that honors Him.

I learn about generosity from Jesus. He said, “Give and it will be given to you.” The idea here is that I must give away something of value. As I add value to another, value is added to me. I learn generosity from Barnabas as he stood before the Apostles with the proceeds of the property he sold. He gave it to God to be used to honor Him. His generosity served as an encouragement.

It’s okay to be frugal and even cheap. It’s not okay to be stingy. God called us to generosity in every area of our life. Are you battling the Stingy Monster? Let go of what you’re valuing more than Jesus – the stuff and the money. Unclench those fists! Realize that you don’t own anything; you only have a responsibility to use it in a way that honors God. Give away something today. Whether it’s time, money, or skill. Give something of value to both bless someone and honor God.

Stingy is out; generosity is in.