This Week’s Hero: Sergio Consuegra

20131007-766B0FC137FC23BC-0-0-90D6368-5C382AFCC96F54B5Sergio Consuegra is the guy who stood between Alexian Lien, his wife, and toddler and the angry biker mob over a week ago in New York. Consuegra was on his way to church when he witnessed the brutal attack upon Lien and his family. Since no one came to their rescue, Sergio felt compelled to do something as the angry mob turned their aggression toward Lien’s wife and small child.  While Consuegra felt danger, his goal was to calm the situation. “That’s it, guys. Let it go. That’s it. Let it go,” he said as he created space between Lien and the bikers. The angry mob backed down and away. Consuegra took the initiative, defused the moment, and potentially saved lives.

Sergio Consuegra is this week’s hero. Why? He was willing to do the right thing even when it meant walking into harm’s way. Thank you Sergio Consuegra for risking and doing the right thing! Thank you for the example!  You’re truly a good Samaritan.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Hero: Sergio Consuegra

  1. ae em

    .. truly a good Samaritan? Please read Luke’s gospel verses 10:29–37. Note 1) robbers are long gone before G.S arrives. 2) robbers take all clothes and belongings making it impossible for G.S to know the mans social merits and status. 3) by helping the man the G.S does not place himself in any danger. Going back to 29th September of 2013 events on 178th street we find that the stories differ significantly on these 3 points. Consuegra’s actions have very little in common with the verses in Luke’s gospel.

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Hey, thanks for the comment. I really think the term “good Samaritan” has broad application. For example, before Jesus tells the story He references His command for us to love God and love people (your neighbor). The story is told to clarify the definition of neighbor. The neighbor is anyone in need – especially those we might have chosen to ignore either for fear, inconvenience or prejudice. A good Samaritan cares for someone in need and seeks to meet a need – even if in harms away. I believe Jesus’ statement that the robbers had gone on their way wasn’t a disclaimer to only get involved in safe situations.

      I think it’s a shame violence escalated to the point it did. Why continual injury? Who knows what might have happened if someone hadn’t stepped in? I think anyone who steps into a situation like that is a good Samaritan in my book.

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