Praying Today for the Thousands Affected by the Government Shutdown.

sorry__we__re_closed_by_canadashorty-d4t3vykI woke up thinking about the many families impacted by the shutdown. In an already fragile economy, nearly 700,000 (non essential) government employees face unpaid leave according to reputable news outlets. These are real people – neighbors, family, and friends. In a paycheck to paycheck culture with little to no margin, this is potentially devastating to both individuals and families. Remember those caught in the middle of the political drama today especially if you’re going to work with the expectation you’ll get a paycheck this upcoming payday.

Oh, and by the way, my concern doesn’t rise from a political persuasion. I’m equally disappointed in the behavior on both sides of the aisle. I wish the people we elected to represent us and govern would lead well – without the drama. Personally, I’m not looking for a politician that can best place blame – I’m looking for leadership. We can do better.