Pray for Syria

Syrian Refugee Camp

The Zaatari refugee camp is home to 115,000 Syrian refugees located near Mafraq, Jordan.

Pray for President Obama and congressional leaders – especially this week. Pray for the Syrian government. Intercede on behalf of the Syrian people and the diminishing persecuted Christian presence. Pray for peace, resolution, safety, and reconciliation.

I watched the news reports as you have. American involvement in the Syrian crisis appears immanent. What started as a line in the sand (internationally drawn) is now a point to prove. We don’t debate the heinous nature of chemical weapons. Unfortunately response options are limited and none of which appear clearly viable.

The older I get, the less impassioned I am about military involvement and intervention. It’s more of an inward seasoning rather than politics. These men and women serving in our military are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. I have a huge respect for our soldiers and place a huge value on the human life.  We must not forget about the innocent lives caught in the crossfire either. There is no intervention plan able to guarantee no civilian causalities. Life is life and it is sacred.

The Doctrine of Just War is one of the many debated topics in light of the crisis. While I understand the theory (recognizing much is determined by personal interpretation), I’m not sure a Syrian response qualifies a just military exercise. Remember this has little to do with politics as elected leaders from both sides of the aisle vary on military support.

Perhaps the most significant Christian response is going to be for the over two million refugees seeking sanctuary in neighboring countries over the past twelve months. Just imagine the horrendous conditions in the refugee camps located in or near the borders Lebanon, Jordan, or Turkey. I made a donation today to a relief organization – it’s the least I can do. I’m not “qualified” currently to physically volunteer in the region, but I can help support organizations working on the ground. There are several organizations bringing assistance to refugees like Baptist Global Response and Samaritan’s Purse. These are two that I know about and trust. It’s a small way to take a part in bringing relief.

Remember to pray for Syria.