To Our God… Spontaneous Worship

You need to recognize the moment. Yesterday we sang a new song in the first two services. While new to Cool Spring, our students learned it on a summer mission trip to San Francisco. The song that was to be sung by the worship team and played by our band soon had the entire congregation on their feet singing in the second service. It started with the students first and shortly thereafter everyone stood. I love spontaneous worship. It was definitely a cool experience – new song, nothing projected, and everyone standing. We were many people on our feet in one room. We were one voice to one God. Here’s the song as recorded at Bethel – To Our God.

3 thoughts on “To Our God… Spontaneous Worship

  1. Janet Thompson

    Loved the song, love the video. Exuberant, unabashed worship. Wish I’d been in the 10:00.
    What I loved was how the band was worshiping too.

  2. Laura Raymond

    Amazing!!!!! Makes me sad I missed service Sunday! Thanks for sharing this video. Amazing to see people worship like this!

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